Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Under the Rock

I can see my "sex life" post brought a few people out of "comment lurking".

Writing about sex is tempting. If you only knew the crazy things I do for that "holy grail" of human existance.
I'm just not anonymous enough here and that's MY fault.
There are so many out there that can just blog about whatever in the hell they want because they created an alter ego.
Look at skippy stalin. I was shocked...SHOCKED, I tell you, when I discovered that wasn't his real name.
But I admire him not only because he masturbates furiously to thoughts of me but he blogs balls out.
I wish I could do that....if I had balls.

I wish I could tell you about the guy that liked to bring two duffel bags of miscellanea with him when we would "visit" or the guy whose penis was so small I kept bursting out into fits of giggles during sex. Oh, how you'd LAUGH if I told you about the guy that I slept with just so he'd leave town.
Those would make GREAT stories.

I live with this thought that one day, a sister, a brother-in-law or God forbid, a niece or nephew will run across my blog and recognize me or themselves.

No, I wish I would have started this blog thing differently.
But I didn't...so you might have to settle for hearing about my "friend" and her sexual exploits.

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