Friday, May 26, 2006

American Idol: Thank God It's Over!

After Chris left, American Idol lost it's magic for me.
In my opinion, he was in a different league than the others.

In leaving Taylor and Katharine to battle it out, we had Mediocre Idol for the next two weeks.

I will say that the finale was spectacular. I had no idea that so many artists would agree to do that show.
I was surprised to see Al Jareau. I thought he was dead!

Mary J. Blige was awesome even though she sang over Elliot. He looked thrilled just to be sharing a stage with her and he SHOULD be thrilled!

Chris singing with Live? Live on American Idol??? Since when do they do anything remotely commercial? Shocking! Who knew Ed Kowalczyk was so smokin hot?

I saw Toni Braxton but I can't say I heard her. Her voice is so manish and deep that it was impossible for the mic to pick it up.

But the moment that made me fall out of my chair. The moment that made me squeal like a school girl...the moment that MADE American Idol: Prince. Yes, PRINCE

What the hell was Prince doing on AI?

I felt a little squirrely in my pants when I saw him on stage. What is it about that 4 foot tall Hummel figure in heels that makes a girl feel all squishy inside?
Prince is just....well...Prince.

Who cares that Taylor won? Freakin PRINCE was just on stage!!!