Monday, May 15, 2006

Just Stuff

I don't really have anything to blog about.
I could regale you with my day to day activities but boring is that?

I could tell you that this weekend seemed like it lasted years.
Saturday, Zoe woke me up whining. Much like mothers can tell the difference in their child's cry, I could tell this wasn't a normal I-need-to-go-out whine.
She seemed to be in pain and scared. She was walking strangely and her legs would give out on her when she would walk.
I waited an hour or so to see if it was just a muscle cramp or she might have pulled something jumping off the bed but she was obviously suffering so, knowing that the vet closed at noon and wouldn't open again until Monday, I got up, threw on some clothes and ran to the vet's office.

I know how difficult it must be to diagnose a patient who can't speak and tell you what hurts. I know that the vet relies heavily on what the owners can tell him about the dog's behavior but I get in that office and suddenly I can't remember anything or worse, I just start babbling and later wonder "Why the hell did I say that?".
He checked her out by feeling her ribs, spine, hip joints, leg joints and taking her temperature. He concluded that she must have injured her right hip possibly jumping off the bed. He gave her a shot, shoved an envelope of meds at me and sent me on my way....on my way to the receptionist to shell out $57.
I guess it could have been worse....but whatever it takes to make her feel better.

I had to then rush home and start getting ready...I had a funeral to go to.
A friend's husband died right before Hurricane Rita and a graveside service was refused because everyone was evacuating.
She wanted to do it when everyone got back and got themselves settled in but then her stepdaughter died and then she went into the hospital for several weeks.
After all the shit, she finally decided to hold a memorial service at his grave.
After a belated start and in the middle of my mother's eulogy, someone yelled, "We've got a man down!".
It wasn't scorching hot but the sun was beating down pretty hard and if you weren't under the shade of the canopy, you were going to get pretty hot. This older gentleman was standing in the direct sunlight and I guess it got to be too much, he just fell over.
Some people tried to help him up and he was even getting up on his own but suddenly he collapsed again and I could see his face. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head, his skin was white as a sheet and he started convulsing.

I didn't have my purse with me but I yelled for someone to call 911.
Luckily someone had provided a cooler of ice and bottle of water. While we waited for the ambulance, he was bathed in water and even some old lady had her oxygen tank with her so we put him on oxygen.

It was so surreal seeing the ambulance pull up next to all the headstones and roll a gurney out to pick up this man.

What's even MORE surreal is that after he was taken away, THEY FINISHED THE SERVICE!
My mom gave the rest of the eulogy and we said our goodbyes and we left to eat BBQ at the widow's house.

I had a date for that evening but I called the guy and told him there was just no way. All I wanted was to crawl into bed, watch TV and take care of my hurting dog.

We promised my mother that we'd go with her to church on Sunday for Mother's Day.
Thankfully, church isn't like it used to be when I was growing up. You were required to dress up in your best clothing and to feel like a loser and a heathen going straight to hell if you didn't look as good as everyone else.
Now days, people wear shorts, capris and jeans to church.
I guess someone realized that it's not about the clothes, it's about the worship.
Novel idea, isn't it?
I wore jeans. I wasn't struck down by the mighty hand of God, either.

After church, we took Mom to Chabuca's where everyone else obviously took their mother, too.
This place is great. Not only do they have a huge buffet, but if you order the rodizio, they come around with huge slabs of meat on great big swords and will carve hunks of the meat off onto your plate.

In the middle of the meal, a storm blew in. It was thundering and lightning and the lights kept flickering on and off.
We decided to order coffee and dessert to wait out the storm. Great excuse.

My mom said she had a great time. My sisters got on my nerves.

I'm not sure if Mom's lying or oblivious.