Thursday, May 11, 2006

American Idol, You Are Dead To Me!

That's pretty much what I told my friend, Lon, last night.
Shock just isn't the right word to describe what I felt when Chris was voted off American Idol.
I'm not the only one who has been saying that Chris was going to win the whole deal but we were wrong and I just don't know why.
Maybe since everyone knew he was going to win, they stopped voting for him thinking "why bother?".

That means that out of the 3 remaining people, one of them will be the American Idol. They're good but they're not THAT good.

Taylor is fun to watch. He's interesting and different but like Lon said, he belongs in a musical review in Branson, Missouri, not the winner of American Idol.
And let me just say this...if I hear that grey-haired mother fucker say "Soul Patrol" while twirling his fist in the air ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to find a gun and fucking SHOOT someone!
Tuesday night, while Ryan was talking to him after his performance, I kept thinking "Don't say it...don't say it...." Well, not only did he say it, he said it TWICE. DAMMMIT!

Katharine is exquisite and lovely. She's got a great voice but she's uncomfortable and therefore, makes me uncomfortable when she performs.

If Chris can't win, then I think it should be Elliot. Besides Chris, no one else has been consistantly good and getting better each week. He's got a great attitude and a really good voice.

Honestly, I'm not even interested anymore. The whole reason I watched was to see Chris and find out what he was going to do with the chosen songs next.

I'm not worried about Chris, though. He'll have a recording contract in no time and I can't wait to buy his CD.

As to how McPhee has gotten this far, I think she's riding the panty vote but if she expects to win the whole thing, she might have to start showing more than her panties. We want a full-frontal wardrobe malfunction.