Friday, September 29, 2006


I haven't really felt like blogging much but I feel this pull to do it anyway.
I don't have one particular topic I feel like I can bear down on and discuss but lots of random things just swimming around in my head are bursting to get out.

I'm super excited about the Astros right now. They've won 9 in a row and are looking pretty strong.
They play the Braves tonight in the first of a 3-game series. They Braves are like 18.5 or so behind, however, they beat the crap out of the Mets the other night.
You have to like our chances but I don't want to jinx anything.
At this point, anything can happen!

The Cardinals are my second favorite team, so I hate to see them blow things the way they have, yet, it's really good for us so I have to be excited to see St. Louis lose!
Really, all this wildcard crap confuses the hell out of me. I'll just wait for someone to tell me if I can celebrate or cry.

The internet is a wonderful thing.
A few years ago, I blogged about an artist that I had been looking for at various art shows. I have several of his originals and was hoping to see him again someday.
The other day, I received an email from this man's son. He's still around and will be doing an art show here next month.
Apparently, he googled his dad and found my blog. How handy!

So, recently, I have reconnected with a friend that I had shoved out of my life, leaving a foot print on his ass.
I'm not sure why we have these connections with some but not others.
I've never had a problem erasing a person from my life but there are some that hang on to that invisible cord tying us together.
I'm not sure if it's good or bad that we're communicating again.

It just is.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You know your day's gonna suck when...

the first thing you do is lose the company credit card.
I'm usually pretty good about keeping up with things but I somehow got back to my desk without the card.

I told my boss right away and surprisingly she didn't fire me.

Then there's just a bunch of little annoyances all through the day that make me wish I had stayed in bed.

I'm having a better day than someone like Terrell Owens.
Apparently, T.O. botched a suicide attempt and is now claiming he had a bad reaction to pain meds and supplements.

The Astros are having a better day than all of us.

I certainly don't want to get my hopes up but it's getting very exciting right now!
Astros have won 7 in a row now, trailing St. Louis by 1.5.
St. Louis is my second favorite team so it's hard to be happy that they've been losing against the Padres these last two nights but I'm hoping the Padres can do it again tonight!

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm a glass half full type of girl...

but I'm also a realist.

The Astros swept the Cardinals over the weekend keeping the hope of more baseball in October alive.
They played really really good baseball against the Cards. Can we keep it up against the Phillies tonight?
My guess: No.

Can we beat the Pirates?
My guess: Yes

After that we have a series with the Braves and I'm feeling pretty good about that but I hate to jinx anything

The Astros are unpredictable. I don't know what to expect but it'll be fun to watch.

Last night's game was on ESPN and I can't STAND Joe Morgan and Jon Miller and their vapid, useless banter.

At one point, they started talking about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans and totally ignoring the ball game. Finally, I screamed at the TV, "SHUT UP YOU STUPID ASSHOLES!".
I seriously HATE it when the games are on ESPN.

I'd rather listen to two drunk idiots in a bar cover a baseball game than these two over-inflated geezers.

Always Go With Your Gut

I told myself not to go into that grocery store.
I hate that place. It's filthy, crowded and patronized by mostly mutants.

I allowed laziness and hurriedness to cloud my judgement and I went into this cursed place.

My purchase totalled $9.42 but my debit card wouldn't work. After a few tries, the snaggletoothed cashier informed me that my bank's debit card won't work due to their computer system and accounting and something else.
I didn't hear everything because I was trying to figure out WHY I had left my purse in the car. I never do that but tonight I figured it would be quicker if I just stuck my card in my pocket.
"I'll hold your transaction if you want to go get cash."

When I came back with my purse and a credit card, the manager had yet to void my transaction so the poor lady behind me was still waiting.
They were surprised I was back so fast and let me go ahead and finish my sale.
I politely apologized to the lady behind me and my half-witted cashier told the lady, "Oh I bet you want to just kill her right now, don't you?"

I stopped in mid-swipe and said "Excuse me?"

The cashier said, "Well she looks tired and has been waiting behind you for a long time."

"Ooook," I said, "and whose fault is that? Because it's certainly not mine!"

"Well..uh..yeah...I...uhhh..." the inbred employee was flustered because I was pissed.

"So, I am humiliated here in your store through no fault of my own and you try to incite the people behind me? How is that fair?"

I suppose I used too many words because snaggletooth was silent.

Seriously, I will fucking drive an hour out of my way to never have to shop in that store again.
I've said it before but this time I mean it; I'm going with my gut.


Holy Crap

Astros beat the Phillies.

What the hell do *I* know?

Friday, September 22, 2006


Is it possible that all a man wants is a dumb woman?
Do guys feel it necessary to be smarter than the woman they are with?
Case in point:

I pulled into the gas station the other day at the same time as a man in a truck. We chose the same pump; me on one side, he on the other.
We made eye contact across the top of the pump and he smiled and said "How are you today?" I smiled back and said "I'm fine. You?"

We made small talk for a few seconds and I happened to look up and notice the gas prices.
"Wow," I said, "The gas prices sure have gone down fast."

He agreed, telling me a story about going to another town and their prices were even lower the weekend before.
He told me he thought they'd drop even more, "Kids are in school now and with winter coming, fewer people will be taking long trips. So, there will be less demand."

So on that same note I told him that I had heard that there are different blends for different times of the year. The winter blend has less additives so it's cheaper to make and costs less for the consumer.

I spoke with confidence because I remembered this interesting tidbit and was surprised I had the opportunity to use it in a conversation.

When I was done, his smile became forced, his eyes glazed over and he nodded hesitantly.
Our conversation was over.

I stood there for an awkward moment, wondering what to say next but luckily, the nozzle popped, alerting me that my tank was full.

I slammed the handle back into it's place, screwed the gas cap closed and shut the tiny door.
"Have a good evening."

"You too."

Is this why I'm single? Am I required to twirl my hair, smack my gum and giggle just to snag a man?

Please, I've never wanted anything -man or penis- bad enough to pretend to be stupid.
I have the whole package, boys. Great rack...brains...amazing in bed.
What more could an intelligent man ask for?
Oh...sorry...for a moment there, I thought I was this chick.

Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Jingleheimershmidt believes she's better than most of us.
She might be right.

This story of her blog entry is old but I couldn't help but think of it after my gas station encounter.

Sure, I might be slightly intelligent but that's about the only good thing I can say about myself.
I could never do one of those online dating things because I can give you a million reasons why you SHOULDN'T date me but I can only come up with a couple of reasons why you would want to.

Someone needs to come up with an anti-dating service.

"Don't Find the Love of Your Life Here"
"We have tons of women you shouldn't go out with."

I think I might be on to something here.


Every so often, I like to read a "fluff" book. This is one of those mainstream novels that are churned out on an assembly line.
They are fast, easy, escapist reads. I just have to be in the mood for it.

The other day I noticed Nora Roberts had a new suspense novel out. I scooped it up and took it home. I started reading it that night and it was entertaining.
The next day I went to get my oil changed and brought the book with me. Sitting there reading, I came upon a section that had me closing the book permanently.
It's just following the same formula that all her books and books of that type follow; boy meets girl, girl and boy both have mysterious pasts, suddenly there is a mystery to solve and they solve it together but not before having weird random sex while girl pretends she doesn't want it but deep inside she has hungered for him since she first laid eyes on him 2 days ago.....etc..

I'm just bored with it.

I recently read a book by Haruki Murakami called Norweigan Wood. It was lovely and different.

I want more books like that.
I don't want books that treat me like an 12 yr old with short term memory loss. I want a book that respects my intelligence and maybe challenges it a little.

Not TOO much, though...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Coming Up for Air

How lucky I am to have such a friend as Adam. Who else would boob up my blog the way he has?
Oh right....pretty much any other horny 23 year old.
Thanks anyway Adam.

No, really. I'm thankful that he was here to fill in for me. I'm going to continue to ask for his help while I try to claw myself out of this pit of despair. (ooo how dramatic)

I would love to blog about what happened to my sister but her incident has become major news. It was featured in newspapers and newscasts.
I don't want some family friend or anyone else googling certain keywords and landing here.

Let's just say that through no fault of her own, she was savagely injured. She was in the hospital for a few days and is now at home, trying to deal with the unimaginable pain and emotional aftermath.

When I got the call, I raced to the hospital from work, not knowing if she would live or die. I kept thinking to myself that if she died, after everything we've been through as a family in the last two years, we'd all have to have one big Jim Jones kool-aid party.
How could we survive another death?

Thankfully, she will be ok and none of her injuries were life-threatening.

I wish I could blog about the anger we all feel, about how unfair the system is towards victims of this kind of attack and how people will lie to save their own ass at the expense of someone else.
It makes you hate humans...really.

On top of all of this....Crash's remains were ready to pick up this week. I went in on Saturday and I was handed this small, cube-shaped cardboard box. There was one simple white label with "Crash" and my misspelled last name on the top.
The box weighed a lot less than I imagined. It's hard to believe that my baby is a featherlight clump of ashes in the bottom of a small box.
Soon, I'll transfer the contents of the box to an urn.

Ironically, the urn costs more than his cremation did.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Going Buhbye

Hey Kids.
I've been really down lately and haven't felt like blogging.

My sister was hurt really bad yesterday but I'll blog more about that later.
I just can't seem to wrap my brain around blogging right now so....I have asked my lil pedo crush, Adam, to fill in for me.
This kid is super prolific and a riot. If you're not reading his blog, you should.

I'll be back later.

Monday, September 11, 2006