Monday, September 25, 2006

Always Go With Your Gut

I told myself not to go into that grocery store.
I hate that place. It's filthy, crowded and patronized by mostly mutants.

I allowed laziness and hurriedness to cloud my judgement and I went into this cursed place.

My purchase totalled $9.42 but my debit card wouldn't work. After a few tries, the snaggletoothed cashier informed me that my bank's debit card won't work due to their computer system and accounting and something else.
I didn't hear everything because I was trying to figure out WHY I had left my purse in the car. I never do that but tonight I figured it would be quicker if I just stuck my card in my pocket.
"I'll hold your transaction if you want to go get cash."

When I came back with my purse and a credit card, the manager had yet to void my transaction so the poor lady behind me was still waiting.
They were surprised I was back so fast and let me go ahead and finish my sale.
I politely apologized to the lady behind me and my half-witted cashier told the lady, "Oh I bet you want to just kill her right now, don't you?"

I stopped in mid-swipe and said "Excuse me?"

The cashier said, "Well she looks tired and has been waiting behind you for a long time."

"Ooook," I said, "and whose fault is that? Because it's certainly not mine!"

"Well..uh..yeah...I...uhhh..." the inbred employee was flustered because I was pissed.

"So, I am humiliated here in your store through no fault of my own and you try to incite the people behind me? How is that fair?"

I suppose I used too many words because snaggletooth was silent.

Seriously, I will fucking drive an hour out of my way to never have to shop in that store again.
I've said it before but this time I mean it; I'm going with my gut.


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