Sunday, December 31, 2006

Surfing in the New Year

Yeah, another Christmas is behind us and we're looking ahead to another year.
Christmas wasn't horrible. We had the same foods, the same people (maybe one or two less) and some of the same gift bags.

I did get an iPod Shuffle from Santa Claus and I'm loving it. I never thought I'd use an iPod much so I never jumped on the bandwagon but when I finally caved in to peer pressure, I chose a shuffle because, really, who needs more than 250 songs?
Well...I can certainly see where one could fill a whole gig pretty quickly.

I'm ringing in the new year with two sick dogs. Zoe is vomiting and has diarrhea and Piper has a bladder infection.
I noticed blood in her urine a few days ago so I immediately took her to the vet. After collecting a urine sample (it's easier than you think) they declared her bladder infected.
After the visit, I drove down the beach and noticed the massively ugly waves coming in.

I took advantage of the video feature on my digital camera and grabbed a couple seconds of dirty waves.

(I just uploaded it so you might have to wait if you don't see it.)

Hope you all have a very wavy New Year!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sad News

My sweet Skippy lost his father.

My heart is breaking for him.
He needs all of our thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Doggone It

Since Crash died, I admit there is a void in my life.
I have two dogs and a cat still but I keep thinking about that missing spot, the one where Crash use to reside.

Every so often I look at breeder websites and rescue websites. I daydream about a puppy or a new dog but then I realize that I still have TOO many animals in my apartment! Adding another one would be insane.

Then the other day my sister sent me an email telling me how she's going to adopt a sheltie from a local sheltie rescue group.
Somehow, I found myself on petfinder, looking at dogs that needed a home.
A local animal shelter had a dog named Luke and he needed a home urgently.
Luke is blind and deaf.
I figured no one would adopt this poor dog and since I've had experience with deaf cats and blind dogs, I thought I'd be the right person to take this puppy home.
I was still hesistant so I emailed my mom about it and sent her the link.
A few minutes later, I get an IM from my sister saying "We're going to get him when Mom gets off work!"
What? Huh?

Apparently, Mom was on the phone with Sister #1 when she got my email. Sister #1 said I must adopt that puppy!

We called, though, and he had already been adopted.

On one hand, I'm happy that he found a good home.
On the other hand, I was a little disappointed. By the time we found out, I had already decided I was adopting him and had already started planning out ways to train a blind and deaf dog.
I was going to use scent training. One scent for outside, one scent for "no", a scent for the stairs, a scent for the car...etc...

I had already started daydream about being on an Animal Planet show, showcasing the genius of my scent training.
I was going to be famous!

I guess I'll just have to wait for my 15 mintues when I'm 80 and the news vans show up to talk about the crazy lady who died alone with 50 dogs and 30 cats.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

It's All About De's Favorite Things

Christmas Edition!

This is late but who says gift-giving is only for Christmas? I say give me gifts all year 'round!

  • This new iPod Shuffle is the cutest thing in technology right now! I already know I'm getting it but it's still a favorite thing!

  • I've been thinking about old movies a lot lately, specifically Arsenic and Old Lace. This is one of my favorite movies because Cary Grant is such a genius in it. His comedic facial expressions make this movie a genuine classic!

  • Teavana. We have a store locally but I also love browsing their website. I recently purchased the Perfect Teamaker for home and I absolutely love it. It really is perfect!

  • Bath & Body Works has come out with a Signature Collection of Perfumes. Japanese Cherry Blossom is one of my favorites.

  • A few months ago big, slouchy, leather handbags were in but now I'm totally into the frame bag. Cole Haan has an amazingly affordable patent leather (another hot trend right now) bag that I just love. The wine color would go with SO many things!

That's all I've got for now. I may add more as I shop and find more things for myself than others!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Random Junk

Let me share with you how busy I've been lately.
I started reading a book 3 days ago. I'm on page 30.
What the hell?

It's the Christmas season, I suppose. I guess we're supposed to be busy this time of year.
Plus, we're planning this gigantic surprise party for my mom's birthday. It's this Friday. I can't believe it's finally here since it's been in the works since the summer.
My best friend has been doing most of the hard work. She's one of those people who are super organized and very detail-oriented. She's also got a spotless house. Oh, how I hate her.
Of course several years ago when I was drunk on the floor of her bathroom, vomiting every two seconds, I was praising her cleanliness!

Lon had invited a few of us over to her house for games, pool, drinks, etc.
I had just suffered a break-up so I used an entire bottle of Jack Daniels to soothe my wounded spirit.
It started with a little Jack mixed with some Coke. Then I graduated to shots of Jack. Then I decided to skip the middle man and stuck a freakin straw in the bottle and sucked it dry.
Lon was out of liquor but luckily some friends brought beer.
I opened a bottle, took a few drinks and...well....I was running to the bathroom.

That was the first time I had ever been drunk enough to be sick. That was also the first time that I have no memory of certain events. However, I do remember laying on the cool tile of the bathroom floor, thanking God that Lon was such a clean freak.
My head was cradling the base of the toilet and there wasn't a speck of dirt, hair, dust...nothing.
I could have eaten off that floor if I wasn't hurling up the contents of my stomach.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this story. I guess the moral of the story is: If you're going to worship the porcelain god, do it at Lon's house.

Friday, December 1, 2006


Do you have any idea why I haven't blogged in a million years?
I have shit to talk about. I've read interesting books and articles and have had meaningful conversations.
But I'll open the blogging interface thingy and I'm blank.
So, I've decided to ramble.

My best friend, Lon, one of my sisters and I are planning a surprise party for our mother.
Her birthday is in December but we've been planning this since the summer. We're having it catered and I sent out about 40 invitations.
It's one week away and the details are consuming me right now. I keep thinking of all the things I've missed or forgotten.

Of course Christmas is an all-consuming thing. I wish I could say I am denouncing the commercialism of Christmas and rejecting the idea of gift-giving but, dammit, I love getting gifts!
I'm not afraid to admit that I am selfish and I love getting stuff. So, I can't be a hypocrite and not get shit for other people.
'Tis the season!

I'm concerned about the abundance of panty-less girls out there. Could someone please buy Britney Spears some panties for Christmas?