Friday, December 1, 2006


Do you have any idea why I haven't blogged in a million years?
I have shit to talk about. I've read interesting books and articles and have had meaningful conversations.
But I'll open the blogging interface thingy and I'm blank.
So, I've decided to ramble.

My best friend, Lon, one of my sisters and I are planning a surprise party for our mother.
Her birthday is in December but we've been planning this since the summer. We're having it catered and I sent out about 40 invitations.
It's one week away and the details are consuming me right now. I keep thinking of all the things I've missed or forgotten.

Of course Christmas is an all-consuming thing. I wish I could say I am denouncing the commercialism of Christmas and rejecting the idea of gift-giving but, dammit, I love getting gifts!
I'm not afraid to admit that I am selfish and I love getting stuff. So, I can't be a hypocrite and not get shit for other people.
'Tis the season!

I'm concerned about the abundance of panty-less girls out there. Could someone please buy Britney Spears some panties for Christmas?


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