Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Doggone It

Since Crash died, I admit there is a void in my life.
I have two dogs and a cat still but I keep thinking about that missing spot, the one where Crash use to reside.

Every so often I look at breeder websites and rescue websites. I daydream about a puppy or a new dog but then I realize that I still have TOO many animals in my apartment! Adding another one would be insane.

Then the other day my sister sent me an email telling me how she's going to adopt a sheltie from a local sheltie rescue group.
Somehow, I found myself on petfinder, looking at dogs that needed a home.
A local animal shelter had a dog named Luke and he needed a home urgently.
Luke is blind and deaf.
I figured no one would adopt this poor dog and since I've had experience with deaf cats and blind dogs, I thought I'd be the right person to take this puppy home.
I was still hesistant so I emailed my mom about it and sent her the link.
A few minutes later, I get an IM from my sister saying "We're going to get him when Mom gets off work!"
What? Huh?

Apparently, Mom was on the phone with Sister #1 when she got my email. Sister #1 said I must adopt that puppy!

We called, though, and he had already been adopted.

On one hand, I'm happy that he found a good home.
On the other hand, I was a little disappointed. By the time we found out, I had already decided I was adopting him and had already started planning out ways to train a blind and deaf dog.
I was going to use scent training. One scent for outside, one scent for "no", a scent for the stairs, a scent for the car...etc...

I had already started daydream about being on an Animal Planet show, showcasing the genius of my scent training.
I was going to be famous!

I guess I'll just have to wait for my 15 mintues when I'm 80 and the news vans show up to talk about the crazy lady who died alone with 50 dogs and 30 cats.

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