Monday, October 17, 2011

Twitter in the 17th Century

Last night, I was reading and listening to music.  I felt compelled to tweet this:  Reading La Rochefoucauld & listening to Liszt. I feel like one is about to occupy the other. #WWIIjokes
No one laughed.  Mainly because all my twitter friends are too young.  I think I need some older people in my life.
Anyway, I am fascinated by LaRochefoucauld.  I was thinking last night as I was reading his maxims that he's such a bitter dude.  Today, I was reading on Wikipedia that he was considered "gently cynical".  Lame.
I was also wondering who sits around writing little maxims anyway?  Not to say that most of them aren't brilliant but they're just a few lines of text instead of paragraphs of prose.  Who does that?
Then it hit me;  Twitter.  That dude was about 400 years ahead of his time.  He wasn't "gently cynical", he was tweeting!

LaRochefoucauld Tweets Maxims
We concern ourselves less with becoming happy than making others believe we are.

We are so accustomed to disguising ourselves to others that we end up becoming disguised to ourselves 

The head cannot play the part of the heart for long.