Friday, September 22, 2006


Every so often, I like to read a "fluff" book. This is one of those mainstream novels that are churned out on an assembly line.
They are fast, easy, escapist reads. I just have to be in the mood for it.

The other day I noticed Nora Roberts had a new suspense novel out. I scooped it up and took it home. I started reading it that night and it was entertaining.
The next day I went to get my oil changed and brought the book with me. Sitting there reading, I came upon a section that had me closing the book permanently.
It's just following the same formula that all her books and books of that type follow; boy meets girl, girl and boy both have mysterious pasts, suddenly there is a mystery to solve and they solve it together but not before having weird random sex while girl pretends she doesn't want it but deep inside she has hungered for him since she first laid eyes on him 2 days ago.....etc..

I'm just bored with it.

I recently read a book by Haruki Murakami called Norweigan Wood. It was lovely and different.

I want more books like that.
I don't want books that treat me like an 12 yr old with short term memory loss. I want a book that respects my intelligence and maybe challenges it a little.

Not TOO much, though...

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