Tuesday, May 9, 2006

It's All About De's Favorite Things

Yes, kids...it's about that time.
My birthday is just over a month away. This gives you plenty of time to shop!

  • What self-proclaimed purse-loving gal could resist a Fendi Spy Bag...much less THIS one or THIS one?

  • I can't believe it! An Anna Sui fragrance I don't own: Secret Wish.

  • Not only do I need a 1 GB flash drive, I need one in pink!

  • I've decided that I need a little funky stuff in my life. I want to throw out all my old traditional furniture and start over with something cool, starting with this couch, in crushed red velvet! Nothing says "whore house" like red velvet!

  • I bought and filled one of these journals. It was one of my very favorites!

  • From the world of Bath & Body Works: Japanese Cherry Blossom and Brown Sugar & Fig. My absolute FAVORITES!

  • I have a whole Amazon Wishlist full of wonderful crap!

If all else fail, a sincere wish for good will is gift enough for me!

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