Wednesday, May 3, 2006

A.I. Recap

I haven't posted any American Idol stuff in a while...well except for Katharine McPhee's panty post which is getting me about 150 hits a day!
There are people sitting in law offices, military bases and universities googling "McPhee's panties" and hitting my blog over 150 times a day! What the fuck, people???


Elliot: Big fan. I love this guy. When I heard he was going to sing "On Broadway", I knew he'd do a great job. The judges weren't bowled over but I thought he was great. His modern song was REALLY good. I wasn't familiar with it before but I loved his performance.
I love Elliot's mother out there in the audience. She is the cutest thing EVER.

Paris: I was WORRIED when I read she was singing Kiss by Prince...and a little depressed because that shit came out when I was in HIGHSCHOOL!
That song is too weird for anyone to cover. Only Prince call pull that off. Sorry, kid.
I thought she did a good job with the Mary J. Blige cover. I was surprised.

Chris: Oh c'mon. You know what I'm going to say. Freakin STYX??? STYX! He sang that shit better than Tommy Shaw.
I really like Shinedown. They are surprisingly a newish band that I really like. Chris tore it up but I agree with the judges; it sounds like his voice is trying to go out on him.

Katharine: Something was WRONG with that song. I adore the Phil Collins version of this song but the key was WAY WAY WAY off. It was unrecognizable and definitely not good.
That weird Black Horse Cherry Tree song was a good choice, she performed it well....on the floor....WEIRD. I don't think it was working for her. She was trying to be all Madonna-Like-a-Virgin but it looked more like Old-Lady-I've-Fallen-and-I-Can't-Get-Up.

Taylor: Oh Lord. Ok...even the original artist doesn't sing this song well but who doesn't love to sing along to "Play That Funky Music, White Boy"? Shit, you know I was embarrasing the hell out of myself singing at the top of my lungs.
The Beatles cover? Beautiful.

My guess for who's getting booted tonight?

Just. Not. Getting. It.