Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sex, Lies & Fornicate

There was a huge paradigm shift in the universe that is my sex life this weekend.
After knowing a certain member of the male species for several years, we both found ourselves single -at the same time. So, in turn, I found myself packing a bag and driving down a dark lonely Galveston Island road to spend the weekend at his waterfront bachelor pad.
While packing a toothbrush, sexy panties and a book (just in case), I realized how alone in the world I was at that very moment.
No one knew where I was going. If I died on that dark road, how long would it take someone to find me? How long would I be missed?
I guess, if I were dead, it wouldn't matter. But wouldn't everyone wonder what the hell I was doing out there?

I had to tell someone.
You must, dear reader, understand that I'm a VERY private person. This sounds ridiculous coming from someone who has a freaking blog, I know, but no one here REALLY knows me...
Well, except for Lon and that's who I told.
I called Lon who was in San Antonio for her daughter's tennis tournament.
I didn't want to bother her but I thought of all the people I could call she's the only one I could trust with my personal life.
After one "safety" call to one sister, it would take exactly one minute for the rest of the familiy to know that De was taking off to fornicate with a much older man with a nice house on the gulf.

Oh and fornicate we did!

But that's just between us, ok?

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