Friday, July 7, 2006

Thanks a LOT Sheila!

Why, oh, why did you have to share that blog with me? Why did you feel the need to post a link to a blog that is so delicious that I felt it necessary to devour it in it's entirety while at work yesterday?
I got absolutely nothing done and my desk is a hot mess right now.

Thanks to YOU Sheila O'Malley, I'll be rushing around frantically trying to finish things before the weekend!!

What's that blog, you ask? It's Greenbriar Picture Shows.
Oh this blog feeds my love of all things from the 30s and 40s in Hollywood.
Some of my favorite posts:

Vivien Leigh & Clark Gable
Shirley Temple
Lana Turner
Olivia deHavilland
Jackie Coogan - AMAZING!

I could go on and on...
This is now one of my very favorite blogs!

Thanks Sheila!

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