Friday, July 28, 2006

Leather & Skank

It's just like Skankerella. I don't hear from her in a while and she sends me an email like THIS.
Keep the kids out of this one, my friends.

Dear De,

Have you ever felt like being naughty? No...I don't just mean naughty, I mean naughty.
Sure you do...I think we all do.

When I am feeling particularly dirty, I call my friend Dufflebags. He earned the nickname because he brings two large duffle bags with him when we "visit".

Dufflebags, or Duff, is a very VERY straight-laced professional business man.
He's 100% uppercrust suburbia.
That is until he empties those duffle bags.
Inside those bags is a secret life filled with debased sexual activity and debauchery.
Duff removes his monogrammed dress shirt, silk tie and all morality when the contents of those bags are revealed.

Every tool known to sexual man are inside. He systematically arranges everything on the table in order of use.
Wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, rope, blindfolds, nipple clamps, lube, various anal plugs and dildos (of the vibrating and non-vibrating variety), crops, floggers, leather straps and paddles sit in neat rows, awaiting his pleasure (or mine). Sometimes he uses only a few, sometimes he uses them all at once. It's a surprise every time.

Duff is a top. He is in control and he controls the pleasure and pain he doles out.
He had a new toy the last time we met. It was a 12 inch leather slapper.
It had quite a sting and after several minutes, I didn't like it anymore and I started to actually dislike Duff a little.

Later, after playtime was over. He decided to let me top him for a few minutes. Just to see what it was like.
Oh, my dear, the devil took me over at that moment.
I blindfolded Duff, cuffed his wrists and fastened them together, flipped him over, grabbed that leather slapper and I whaled on his ass until he whimpered for me to stop.
It felt good. I felt powerful and vindicated. I was also VERY turned on.

Don't misunderstand me, dear De, I love being topped by a man as unscrupulous and depraved as my lovely Duff but give me an inch and I'll take a mile.
In this case, I took a mile of leather and left it on his ass.