Thursday, July 20, 2006


aka Stupid Humanity. (word stolen from Hugo)

I drive by this apartment complex everyday. Last night, I noticed fire trucks, police cars, news vans and several unmarked vans lined up on the street in front of the buildings. I saw a fire truck with it's hose uncoiled in the middle of the parking lot and I thought "fire" but that sure was a lot of emergency vehicles for an apartment fire.
Even the thought of an apartment fire gives me chills because that is my biggest fear of living in an apartment.

I find out a little while later that it wasn't really a was an explosion.

The explosion happened at the Lakeview Apartments around 3pm Wednesday. Two men were inside an apartment unit. One man was killed and the other suffered flash burns. Nearby buildings were evacuated at the time.

Alledgedly, two fucktards were inside either building a bomb or playing with explosive materials and screwed up.
They destroyed their apartment and others near them.

See? This pisses me off.
When I see on the news about fires, explosions, murders, burglaries in apartment complexes, I know it could happen in mine. It doesn't matter what kind of neighborhood you live in, when you're in an apartment, you're mixing with various fucktardery.
Some fucking idiot is going to make a bomb, let their kids play with matches, smoke in bed, forget a candle burning or set his kitchen on fire while making ramen noodles.
This doesn't just affect the idiot, it affects everyone around said idiot.

I'm not all that afraid of losing my earthly possessions but I am afraid of my dogs and cat dying in my apartment while I'm at work.

I don't know if I could go on knowing my dogs died, trapped in our apartment because of some fucking retard making a bomb out of gasoline and ignorance.

Update: Holy crap! They are going to explode the remaining chemicals IN THE APARTMENT.

Update II: They are going to detonate it live. You should click on that link! And we're having a thunderstorm as we speak, also. I don't know what's thunder and what's an explosion!

Great. The weather may be a factor. We're getting thunder, lightning and, of course, rain.

Ok...bomb squad is putting on their gear. It could happen soon.
The reporters say the fire alarm will go off, then they will explode the chemicals.
They've put dump trucks in front of the apartment to act as a shield but this could destroy many apartments.
Craziness! far some of it was detonated but it was like a few wisps of smoke. How anti-climatic.
They evacuated HUNDREDS of people and shut down a major expressway for two wisps of smoke.

Well....I'm glad no ones apartment was destroyed but what a let down...I was waiting for a major explosion...shit flying all over the destruction.
We got two plumes of smoke.

Ok...there is LOTS of breaking through again. A fire has resulted from the explosion.
It's contained in the one apartment though and there are fire trucks big deal, I guess.

Ok...done with live blogging now.