Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I go through these cycles of insomnia.
I'll be sleeping fine for months and then it hits me......or rather...sleep doesn't hit me.
I'll go a week, two weeks...a month with barely a few hours sleep per night.
I'm not sure what causes it.
I then tend to feed the insomnia because I refuse to take something to help me sleep. I am not sure why, except that I'm always afraid of taking it too late or taking a little too much causing me to be groggy at work the next day. No sleep I can handle, groggy from meds, I cannot.
Another thing is that I LOVE to stay up late.
I HATE going to bed early. I love me some sleep but I'd rather do it between the hours of 2 or 3 am and noon.

I also blog a lot more when I'm exhausted. I can't explain that one.

So, last night.....I tossed and turned in bed for an hour, realized I wasn't going to sleep and flipped open the laptop.
I had read my book for a while before trying to sleep and just didn't feel like picking it up again so I opted for some online entertainment....and no, perverts, I'm not talking about porn!
I logged onto YM and who do I find wide awake? Well, none other than the Great Vampire Adam.
My lil Adam has decided to stay up all night and sleep all day (he thinks he's a rockstar, I guess).
But, don't get me wrong, I was happy to see him. He pretends to listen to my blabbing at 2am while wondering if I swallow.
I was especially random last night, however.
I woke up this morning thinking....did I really go on for a half hour straight about my addiction to Carmex and all the times I've freaked out because I didn't have any Carmex handy and how my band teacher warned me that I'd become addicted in highschool and even concluded my diatribe with a fucking LINK to the official Carmex website???

No wonder Adam keeps asking for pictures of my boobs. He's got to have some kind of incentive for putting up with this shit.

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