Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cookie Monster Isn't Really a Monster

Sheila wrote a great post about famous faces that she loves.

A lot of beautiful/handsome people made the list.  A lot of people who wouldn't be considered conventionally pretty or handsome also made the list.
Dave Grohl, my favorite face too, made the list.

A surprising face on Sheila's list is Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Memories came flooding back to me when I saw that picture.

I had forgotten about this until I read Sheila's post....

My parents had a volatile marriage.  My father was not a good husband for the first several years and he had a really bad temper.
Mom and Dad fought...a LOT.

When I was 6 or 7, they decided to separate.  The problem was that we were in Mississippi at the time.  My parents, for some God-forsaken reason, had decided to uproot the family and leave Texas.  We got to Mississippi and within a year they're separated.
So, my dad moves back to Texas, leaving us in this poor, POOR state.  I mean that literally and figuratively. 
Before he left, he bought me a present.  Apparently, when you abandon your child, it hurts less when you give her gifts.

The gift was a stuffed Cookie Monster doll.  He had shaggy blue fur and big plastic googly eyes that rattled when you shook him.

I don't really remember much about what our home life was like at that time.  Kids are pretty self-involved or else they tend to block out the unpleasant things but I guess I missed my dad when he was gone and because he gave me Cookie Monster, that became my link to him.
I would lay in bed at night and talk to Cookie Monster but I was really talking to my dad.
I told him about my day, what I had for dinner, what happened at school, etc.
He would just sit there, staring at me with those freaking crazy eyes and listen.
I must have cried on him because his fur was hard and matted together from being wet in a few spots.

Cookie Monster and I were inseparable during that time.  I cried because I couldn't take him to school with me but he'd be waiting on my bed when I got home.  He ate dinner with me and he even played outside with me.

I have no idea how long this separation lasted but Dad finally realized that he missed us and asked my mom to come back to Texas.
We did.

I suppose I didn't need Cookie Monster after that because I have no memory of him after we moved back.

That was the last time Mom and Dad ever separated...until he died in 2004.

I wonder where that damn Monster is today?

** edit note:  in moving these posts I'm losing all the comments.  Sometimes, the comments are the best part of the blog posts.  I wanted to include a few that were posted on this one.

Sheila:  You just made me cry and laugh at the same time.

//He would just sit there, staring at me with those freaking crazy eyes and listen.//

Oh shit.  You KNOW that he would NEVER judge - because he is so damn WEIRD that he will accept anything! 

Beautiful post, De.  I'm all misty-eyed.  I wish Jim Henson could read it.

Skippy Stalin:  I really need Cookie Monster in my life. I'm constantly getting judged and it hurts me so. For example, if I go on a date and hear the phrase, "You want to out that where     You have got to be kidding!" I'm just going to get up from the table, curl up in the corner of the restaraunt and weep for hours. 30 years of that shit is more than enough.

On a more serious note, beautiful post. 

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