Friday, July 21, 2006

For the Benjamins

I think I have the weirdest job sometimes.

Today, this guy calls and needs information.

I know who the guy is. He's a head injury patient and the only thing he can do is play video games. He's obssessive about them.
I guess a while back someone told him he can find cheats for his video games online but he doesn't have a computer so he came here to look this stuff up.
The problem is that now, after his accident, he can't remember how to operate a computer.
I tried to show him but he became very upset and angry with himself. So, after a few days of this, I finally just found the information for him myself and printed it out.
Now, I'm his video game go-to gal.

He called today because he can't get a ride and wanted to know how to beat this particular game.
Shit, I don't know anything about video games and wasn't sure what he was looking for but I found him some information and started reading it over the phone.
I suddenly suddenly realized how this must sound to the people in the building:

Me: You should by now have the dynamite bow, equip this and as he runs over some kind of circles in the ground fire at them. They will blow up and injure him, if you run out of ammo use dynamite sticks to throw at them.
Don't shoot him, shoot the bluish circles because it will create a massive fire and blow him up.
If he starts throwing dynamite sticks at you, shoot the sticks, not him.

He was excited. This helped him tremendously and he thanked me repeatedly.

I hung up, wondering how many people get paid to teach others how to kill? many people who AREN'T Islamic extremist get paid to teach others how to kill?