Friday, March 17, 2006

Something in Comma

My mother works for a very large company and is in charge of their yearly blood drive.
Yesterday, she sent out a company-wide email with a heartwarming story of how someone's life was saved by people who donate their blood in hopes of guilting all these people into giving away a little of the very life that flows through their veins.
She got many positive responses and one employee helpfully sent her a email filled with ideas on how to get more people involved.
At the end of the email he wrote:
"Think big girl!"

Now, my mom read this as "Think, big girl!" and was a little perplexed and a little angry.  How dare he address her size!
She immediately wrote back and said, "Thank you for your suggestions.  And just what do you mean "big girl"???"

His sheepish reply was, "I am VERY sorry.  I meant, Think big, girl!  My English teacher always told me punctuation was important.  I see that she was right!"

This is a very important lesson, kids. 
A comma can mean the difference between life and death because I have no doubt that my southern mama would have wasted no time in finding that guy and whipping his ass if he was really calling her "big girl"!

Give the gift of life:  Punctuate!

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