Friday, March 24, 2006

Short Attention Span Blogging

I'm not empty but picking just ONE thing to write about would prove impossible right now.

  • My dad's faithful dog/best friend died on Sunday.  It was heartbreaking.  He was a good dog and for 10 years, he and my dad were inseparable.  I hope dogs do, in fact, go to heaven.

  • I had a bit of a meltdown last night after realizing how overwhelmed I am by the responsibilities my family puts on me.  I think I've stopped living my life in order to help them with theirs.  Man, a therapist is going to have a fucking field day with me.

  • American Idol was great last night.  I was worried when I heard Barry Manilow and the 50's in the same sentence but most everyone pulled it out.  Chris freaking blew me away.  I've never been a fan of Johnny Cash's music but Chris gave I Walk the Line a new meaning for me.

  • After admitting that I am not a fan of Johnny Cash; screaming, followed by comments impugning my character and intelligence, was heaped upon me.  Assholes!

  • I am sleep deprived.  I might just either explode or fade away at any moment.

  • I had a moment of severe hysterical realization recently.  A 17yr old coworker asked me who Kurt Cobain was.  I was incredulous at first.  "How can you not know who Kurt Cobain is???"  But later, I thought, "She was only 5 when he died."  Which lead to, "She was born in 1989."  Which lead to, "I was a junior in highschool when she was born."  Which lead to the inevitable, "Mother of God.  When did I get this old?"

  • I'm usually in deep denial about my age.  My brain sometimes thinks I'm still 18.  I really don't have many adult responsibilities so I can fool myself into thinking I'm still young.  Then, I see my best friend since childhood who has houses and cars and children and husbands and stepchildren and bills, bills, bills and I think, "If SHE is an adult what does that make me.....?  Shit.

  • I think I'm addicted to Red Bull.  See the sleep deprivation bullet.

  • I'm listening right now to a woman telling another woman (very loudly) about how CPS was called to her house and how she was accused of being a drug addict and lost custody of her kids.  This is a classy joint, I tell ya.  I guess I should be thankful we don't have hobos taking baths in our restrooms like some of the other places.

  • People who call U.P.S., Ups, get on my nerves.  He's the U.P.S. man not the upsman.  Idiot.

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