Thursday, March 16, 2006

Morning Glory

I talk to my friend, E, almost everyday.  We had a pretty intense relationship for about a year.  After we broke up, we somehow managed to stay friends and now 6 years, a marriage and two kids (for him) later we're still pretty close.

He's kind of a funny dude and he has a different little name for me every morning.
This way of greeting me went on for a really long time before I started logging them.

Sometimes, he doesn't msg me until mid-morning or early afternoon and I suspect he's been waiting that long for something new to pop into his head.

I was re-reading them this morning and they made me giggle a little.

I thought I would share them with you:

E-dawg:  Hey there squitchy!

E-dawg:  guten morgen

E-dawg: hey there you sexy piece of thang you

E-dawg: bon soir mademoiselle

E-dawg: hey there slippery joe

E-dawg: yo slick

E-dawg: hey there splendid

E-dawg: hey there slim

E-dawg: hey slinky

E-dawg: hang on sloopy, sloopy hang on

E-dawg: hey there slippery joe

E-dawg: good morning fellatious D

E-dawg: good morning, luscious librarian

E-dawg: hey there party panties

E-dawg: hey there waffle iron

E-dawg: hey fruity bloomers

E-dawg:  hey there peaches and cream

E-dawg:  morning, fluffy noodles

E-dawg: hey there squishy marmalade

E-dawg: good mornin bananas foster grant

E-dawg:  hey there frisky bottom

E-dawg:  hey there hot pockets

E-dawg:  hey there bouncy boobs

E-dawg:  hey there pumpkin butt (Halloween)

E-dawg:  good morning soupy pants

E-dawg:  hey there petunia panties

E-dawg:  good morning spanky pants

E-dawg:  good morning sticky fingers

E-dawg:  good morning strawberry shortcake

E-dawg:  good morning pinkie toe

E-dawg:  good morning blueberry muffin

E-dawg:  hey there cock a doodle doo

E-dawg:  hey there butter pants

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