Wednesday, March 15, 2006

American Idol

I don't know why I don't post about American Idol.  I guess I know a million other people are doing the same thing but I've been watching it from day one.
It's the only reality show I watch and one of only two shows I make sure to tune in to every week.
So, I think it's time I talked about my "little talent show" as a friend likes to call it.

Every Tuesday night, we all get together at Sister #2's house to watch.  We call it Coney Idolâ„¢ because last year, we decided to get together to watch it and the first couple of weeks, we fixed Coney Islands.
This year, we had Coney Islands a few times but that gets old real fast so even though we still call it Coney Idolâ„¢ we eat other things. 
This week:  Seafood cakes (made with shrimp, crab and spanish mackeral), asparagus, roasted potatoes and garlic bread.

My thoughts on last night:
The theme was Stevie Wonder.  They all had to choose a song from his vast catalog and even worked with him a little bit. 

Ace has the looks, the smile and a pretty good voice.  Last night...I was not impressed, however.

Who doesn't LOVE Kelly Pickler?  She's got this background story that will have you bawling for hours and she's SO cute, SO sincere, SO innocent and has a great voice.
It wasn't a great song choice for her.

Elliot is amazing.  His voice is pure, velvety...just lovely.  Bless his heart, though.  He doesn't have the looks but if you close your eyes and listen to him or even just LOOK into his eyes when he sings.  Amazing!

Bucky is a riot.  I love this guy.  He's the epitome of a country boy.  Last night, he let someone with a blow dryer fetish get a hold of his hair and that was a mistake.  I bet he won't be doing that next week.
He picked a great song for him.  It wasn't a great vocal but it was fun.  He's a good performer.

Oh Lord...what can I say about Kevin?  This kid is almost out of control.  What I liked about him at first was his innocence and his genuineness but either he's just having a good time or he's starting to believe the hype because he's getting a little obnoxious to me.  (I heard from someone in "the know" that he has a filthy mouth.  I kinda like that!)
His performance was not good.  His chicken walk had us hiding our faces in embarrassment for him.
He's got a good voice.  He would be GREAT for Broadway but not for American Idol.

Katharine is exquisite.  Her talent seems natural and effortless and the fact that she's beautiful doesn't hurt.
I wasn't crazy about the weird maternity dress she was wearing last night but her performance was really really good.

I like Melissa.  People are on the fence about her but she's got a great voice.  She just needs a little help with finding her place in the competition.  Is she rock?  Is she country?  What IS she?

Lisa has so much talent and poise for a 16 yr old girl.  I am amazed by her.  Her performance last night didn't do it for me even though that is a GREAT of Stevie Wonder's best.

I don't get Paris.  She's talented and a possesses great showmanship (showwomanship?).  She's too much like Fantasia, though.  In my opinion, she's just not GREAT.

Mandisa.  MANDISA!  I can't get over her name.  MANDISA!  Her name is too's just LARGE.
Anyway...LOVE Mandisa!  She's got the pipes.  She can get out there and tear it up and she's a joy to watch.

How can you not love Taylor?  Taylor is SO much fun.  He's talented, he's enthusiastic and I love his crazy dance moves.  It's like watching a person extremely pleased with their Tourette's.
His performance last night was great.

Saving the best for last:  Chris.
Ladies and Gentlemen:  I present to you, our next American Idol.
Chris is by far the BEST.  THE BEST.  He is already a star and I would buy his CD tomorrow.
His rendition of Higher Ground was unbelievable. 
A few weeks ago, he sang "Hemorrhage" by Fuel.  I love Fuel, so, I hate to say this but Chris sang it better.  He blew me away then and he continues to do it everyweek.

After this week, it's going to be hard picking who will go home.  They are all extremely talented.

So, I'm going make an early prediction of who will make it to the top two:
Chris and Katharine..............with Chris winning it all.

PS:  I learned from this week that it's not Stevie Wonder's songs that are so great.  What makes them so special is Stevie singing them.
So many of these talented contestants sang what I thought were great songs and they just didn't seem as magical as when they are sung by Stevie himself.

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