Friday, March 3, 2006

Hamburger Eyebrows

I normally get my eyebrows arched and waxed pretty often...I'd have huge Brooke Shield caterpillars on my head if I didn't.

I've been putting off going recently because I stopped having my nails done and the little ladies harrass me about it when I come in to have my eyebrows done.  This one particular chick is exceptionally good at it...better than anyone else so I still want to go see her but it's hard to explain to someone that doesn't speak English well that I bought a new car and had to do away with some excessive expenses.

So, my eyebrows are growing wild and even though I am a plucker, I thought I'd use this great little eyebrow shaper I've had for a few years.  It's basically a straight razor wrapped with wire on a stick.  However, like I said, I have had it for a few years and it was a little dull so I stopped into my local Walgreens to get a package of new ones.
They didn't have the kind I bought previously but they had something similar...these:  shaper.jpg

I get home and try them out. 
I try it on one eye and it seems awkward, like I can't get my hand in the right angle, so I move over to the other eye and try again.  After actually trying to shape the eyebrow, I realize that the razor doesn't look right.
I study it closely and realize that it's missing that wire wrapping that makes it safe.
It's just a plain ol' straight razor on a plastic stick.
I then look up at myself in the mirror...I was bleeding.  I was fucking BLEEDING!
BOTH eyebrows looked like Edward Scissorhands tried to apply my eyeshadow.
This dangerous weapon sliced my skin open and I couldn't tell until blood started seeping from the thin openings.

Now, I feel like the whole world is staring at me, wondering what the fuck happened to my face.
It hurts to blink and God help me if I have to be cute and do facial expression.  Just one movement of the eyebrow is monumentally painful.

It wasn't until the next day that I looked this product up on the internet and read reviews from other women who butchered their eyebrows with this tool of destruction.
I thought about throwing them away as soon as I got home but I thought better of it.
If ever I'm attacked by ninjas, I now have a useful weapon.

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