Monday, January 4, 2010

Helen of Troy by Margaret George (Currently Reading)

Ok, so I went out and bought this one!
This isn't a part of my TBR Challenge but, technically, I started this BEFORE January 1.
I'm not quite done but it's GOOD.  I love Margaret George's fictional biographies.  The great attention to detail, history and the images of that time are definitely part of what makes this author so readable.
It's not a dry retelling of Helen of Troy's life but a glimpse into the woman she may have been in her own words.

I read and enjoyed The Memoirs of Cleopatra, so I'm glad in Helen of Troy, George keeps up the good work.
I realized I own a copy Margaret George's Mary, Called Magdelene so I'm adding that to my TBR list today!

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Jenny Girl said...

yea! Glad you did get this. How could you resist the cover? Glad you are enjoying it.