Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We've Got Books

I knew they were there; lurking over there in the corner, mocking me.
For nearly a year now, I've ignored them because I have my own battles going but yesterday, I had to deal with them.
Of what do I speak, you ask?  Advance Reader Copies.  A huge stack of them.
Mostly, they are YA and Juvenile fiction but at one time I had all intentions of reading them.
One of them is The Underneath which ended up winning a Newbery and was a National Book Award finalist.
I need to fit that into my reading schedule for sure.
For some reason I have two copies of The Walls of Cartagena by Julie Durango.  These copies don't even have working cover art yet.  I will put the top list (pic above) on my reading list and give the rest away to my journal club kids.  They will really enjoy them!

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