Monday, January 18, 2010

SyFy or Sci Fi

When and WHY did they change the SciFi channel to SyFy? Does calling it SyFy make people want to watch it more?

I don't know...but what I also don't know is: When did I become a Sci Fi geek?
I was never into Star Trek or Star Wars. I've never read Science Fiction or Fantasy.
But suddenly, one day I woke up and realized that I loved Sci Fi stuff!
I'm a crazy Doctor Who fan, then I got hooked on Torchwood, then Farscape...oh I forgot, Andromeda back in the day, now Stargate Universe and I want to get into the whole Battlestar Galactica thing but that's a lot of DVDs!
Now, on SyFy, Caprica is starting and it's a prequel of sorts to BSG and I'm wondering if I need to watch BSG before Caprica?

But mostly what I want to know is....when did this happen to me?
Once, I looked down on SciFi geeks and now I'm one of them!


Kimberly Unger said...

Just roll with it :) There's always room for one more geek :) And by and large, we're good people!

DeAnna said...

I'm rolling with it....and loving it.

Anonymous said...

So finding out that you are a Ginger Rogers fan from another Blog, I was wondering if you had some fun trivia about her? Stuff like what her shoe size was? Just thought I'd ask a true fan. I'm a fan myself of other stars, but have recently come to adore Ginger. Thanks in advance! The fans keep 'em alive!

DeAnna said...

Hmm....I've forgotten a lot of things I use to know but I do remember that she was a Christian Scientist, she had a real soda fountain in her house, she dated Howard Hughes and Jimmy Stewart.
She was married 5 times.
In the movie The Major and the Minor, the role of her mother was played by her real mother.
Her real name is Virginia McMath.
That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

But I don't know her shoe size. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the fun stuff. It's fun to meet another fan. Since I was little I've been a fan of Judy Garland. I remember when I first met another fan it was something really awesome. Some people just don't get it. Anyway, finding more about Ginger has been much like my early liking of Judy. I've just started her autobiography and she was a hoot. Anyway, thanks for the info. How did you first get into Ginger?

Unknown said...

Hey, there you are! No wonder I haven't been get Google Reader of Bloglines updates on you

DeAnna said...

You will love her autobiography! I've read it twice.

I've been trying to remember how I first got into Ginger and I just don't know...
I'm sure it started with one movie and then my obsession began.
You have to see one of my favorite movies, Stage Door. It stars Ginger Rogers and Katharine Hepburn. Plus, you'll see all kinds of other famous people in bit parts...Eve Arden, Lucille Ball, Ann Miller..etc.

Enjoy the book...let me know what you think!

colin said...

Hey, where was your SB prediction?

DeAnna said...

Oh...I forgot, Colin.
Here it is: I predict the Saints will win. ;)