Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tweet Tweet

I like Twitter. I signed up over a year ago when Hurricane Ike was coming through. I wanted to tweet the storm and I did...sort of.
I'm a little more involved with it now; reading more than tweeting. I love the succinct posts which probably proves I have a serious attention span issue.

I just read where someone said Twitter is where bloggers go to retire.
They may be right because my blogging totally slowed down when I got hooked up with Twitter.

Of course, via Twitter, I can't tell you about the computer for beginners class I taught today or the little old man who kept clicking the right button on the mouse instead of the left then would ask very loudly, "WHAT DID I JUST DO???".
Or the slightly younger man who kept interrupting me by asking questions that had nothing to do with what I was "So, what does it mean when I turn my computer on and all my files are gone?"

Normally, I'd say "It means you're screwed" but I need to keep my job.

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