Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Happy

Ok, we're done. The holidays are over and life goes back to normal or whatever passes for normal.

Like I said, I'm not doing any resolutions except for my reading list but I do sort of resolve to blog more.
I am going to move this bad boy over to blogger and I've been working on moving my archives but I can't figure the whole domain thing out.
The Planet or EV1servers handles my domain and between them and blogger, they have officially confused the hell out of me.
I simply want to point my domain to blogger. Should be easy, right? Umm, not so much.
So, if any of you wonderfully nerdy people out there could help me, I'd love you forever. And I do mean LOVE.

**Update** I've added a little code (thanks Marshall) to redirect my old blog to this one. I still need to work out the domain crap but this will do in the meantime. Isn't my layout so PRETTY??

I had a nice quiet New Years. I had certain plans for New Year's Eve and I didn't let anyone guilt me into doing something I didn't want to do. I held my ground and celebrated the way I wanted to! Go me!

My goddaughter got engaged on NYE. This is HUGE. HUGE! But it's very good news. It's a great way to start off the new year I say.

New Year's Eve is a funny thing, isn't it? Why do we feel like we have to get all shit-faced and act a fool?
I live in Texas so I like to play a game called "Bullets or Fireworks?". You know there are some thugs and rednecks out there firing guns in the air or trying to blow their extremities off to ring in the new year. It's tradition!
So, those of us snug in our beds well after midnight get to play this game where we try to identify the sound of the explosion. Is it a gun or is it fireworks?
One may never know until the bullet comes whizzing through your window.

Happy New Year!

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