Thursday, June 7, 2007

Who says baseball is boring?

Last night, I'm on the edge of my seat during the Astros/Rockies game.
After the previous night's debacle, I was looking forward to the bad blood and hoping for an outbreak of violence.
Everyone seemed in good spirits, however, which was a let down.

Then, in the bottom of the 7th, Astros pitcher, Woody Williams, possibly hit a Rockies batter.
Look, guys get hit all the time. Sometimes they're leaning in and get hit with an inside fast ball and sometimes the pitcher can't control his shit.
It was obvious the Woody couldn't control his shit. He had thrown 118 pitches thus far and Matsui (of the Rockies) had just smashed a ball out of the park.
The thing is...this ball went around the back of the batter and Ausmus, the Astros' catcher, caught it.
Usually, when a ball hits someone it ricochets off of their bones and flies into another direction.
The umpire signaled for the batter to take the base and then promptly threw Williams out of the game.
Are you fucking kidding me here?

Last night, Carlos Lee, is obviously hit intentionally and the Astros coach ends up being ejected from the game and nothing was done about the pitcher.
On this night, with no warnings whatsoever, our guy gets thrown out.
What's going on here?

So, last night, there was a lot of cursing and screaming and yelling and throwing of various objects...not on the field but in my living room.

See? Baseball rocks!

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