Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Birthday Afterglow

Thanks to all of you who showed me some birthday love.
I loved every single message and comment. It was very kind of you and I do appreciate your sweet thoughts!

I spent the day shopping (my favorite activity). I had gift cards and they were burning a hole in my purse.
I bought a bunch of new cosmetics from MAC and Benefit.
I love how these bitches flatter you and try to make you feel so good about yourself while somehow convincing you that you need their products.
I totally fall for it.
From MAC:
My third MAC lipstick this week, this time in Pink Plaid which I ended up giving my mother.
Moonbathe Lipglass

At the Benefit counter:
Dr. Feelgood primer
Highbrow pencil
Get Even blotting powder

Yeah...I know...cosmetics are boring if you don't have a va-jay-jay.

Let's tally up the swag from friends and family:

Lon loaded me up with tons of stuff, including:

Ralph Rocks
The most perfect gift a person could give me, a Barnes & Noble gift card.
Bath & Body Works stuff in yummy Brown Sugar & Fig.
Lots of chocolate...I mean LOTS
Victorian notepads
Yummmmm smelling candles!

From family:
Gift card to Macys
Tranquil Mint shampoo, conditioner, sugar scrub and pillow mist from Bath & Body Works. This stuff is amazing. some!
Astros Tickets

From coworkers:
Gift cards, gift cards and gift cards. Those bitches KNOW me!

After the shopping, I headed to Minute Maid Park and watched the Astros beat the Oakland A's in extra innings.
My boy Brad Lidge in his first outing since being made the closer again, botched our lead and tied the game but he worked his way out of the inning without inflicting further damage and that counts for something with me.

So, I used my Barnes & Noble gift card to purchase something I've been wanting for a while but haven't been willing to buy for myself...
A Moleskine notebook.
I've always wanted one but they are a little extravagant for a notebook. I figured it would put my gift card to good use.
Has anyone ever had a Moleskine? I've heard nothing but great things about it as a sketchbook, journal, etc...
Hey...they said Hemingway used one. That sold me!

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