Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pit Bull Part 2

After my sister's attack, the police caught up with the pit bulls right away. They had killed another cat along the way so they just followed the trail of dead animals.
Animal Control took possession of the dogs and euthanized them immediately.

What is unfathomable is the fact that 30 minutes later, the school bus let off a group of kids at the bus stop which is right in front of my sister's house.
Those 12 yr old kids wouldn't stand a chance against two adult pit bulls had this happened half an hour earlier.

The owners were fined and litigation against their home owner's insurance company is still on-going.
The insurance company keeps making offers that won't even cover the medical bills. She had to have surgery on one arm to repair the muscle and tissue damage. Then multiple surgeries to have pins and bolts put in her wrist. She was in a cast for months and completely unable to move her left arm. She was using her right arm for so much that she developed severe carpel tunnel and will have to have another surgery to repair that.
Not to mention the hospital stay and the therapy and pain and anxiety medication she's had to take.
She had nightmares for months. She looked into the eyes of those dogs and she knew without a doubt that they were going to kill her.
I guess it's hard to get over looking into the face of death. Especially when that face has powerful jaws and crazy killer dog eyes!

There are theories all over about ways to control the pit bull population.
One is to demand a certain insurance policy to be purchased for pit bull owners. Some say all pit bull owners should be registered and some want to ban them all together. I don't know what the answer is. It's just frustrating that we all have to suffer for the actions of incredibly stupid fucktards.

It pisses me off to NO end when I see some asshole, walking around with the crotch of his pants hanging down to his ankles, hat on sideways, tight white wife-beater clinging to his scrawny chest holding a leash attached to a vicious looking pit bull with a spiked leather collar.
First of all, they look ri-fucking-diculous! Seriously, do you have to dress like everyone else? Do they have any idea how fucking stupid they look?
Oh and then the dog. Having a chihuahua as a fashion trend is pretty dumb but having a potentially deadly pit bull as a fashion accessory just goes to show how few brain cells these people have.

But what upsets me the most is the cruelty of it. Pit bulls are bred to be strong. Yes, I've known people who had gentle, sweet pit bulls but what happens when something sets that sweet dog off? We hear about it happening all the time. Why would you think you'd be any different?
But it's mostly the people who teach their dogs to be aggressive.
Do you know what they do to make their pit bulls mean?
First, they're mean TO them. Then they give them baby kittens to kill. It's the blood lust that drives them.
That's part of the reason why they attacked my sister. They had just killed her cat and the blood lust made them crazy so they went after her.

When they fight these dogs some get so badly injured that they die from the injuries and it's not always quick. They suffer and die.
It's heartless, it's senseless and further more, it's illegal.
When or if the authorities finally crack down on the pit bull fighting rings and seize the animals, they're not fit for anything but euthanasia. Again, their death is senseless but at least it's not painful and cruel.

A person who would enter into a world like this is not a good person and our society is full them. If they are missing that part of their brain that tells them that it's wrong and they shouldn't do it, then what's next? Killing children? Murdering the elderly? Where does it end?

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