Thursday, May 31, 2007


Last night my sister and I went to dinner. Afterwards we went to Borders to look around and have some coffee and dessert.
That’s where we shared the most decadent thing that ever existed on Earth: A chocolate Butterfinger brownie.
I wish I had a picture of this monstrosity. Chunks of chocolate covered Butterfinger candy bar swam in an ocean of chewy chocolate brownie.

Normally, my favorite bookstore is Barnes and Noble but about a year ago Borders opened right across the street. Yes, that’s right. Right. Across. The. Street.
Has our economy become so inflated that we can sustain one giant bookseller right next to another?
What’s worse is that the Barnes and Noble contain a Starbucks. Less than a mile down the road is a stand alone Starbucks which is located across the street from a very large mall that contains…yes…say it with me…another Starbucks.

I chose Borders this night because I don’t go there very often and it seemed like something different to do.
Here they have a large coffee and pastry café that actually isn’t called Starbucks. However, I dare say, my coffee rivaled that of the equally overpriced competition.
The problem with Starbucks is that they have become comfortable in their success. They don’t even try anymore.
The last several times I’ve gotten coffee there, it’s been terrible and their pastries have been dried out and old.
The Borders here isn’t quite so successful so they appreciate your business instead of taking it for granted.
Not only did I order the most magnificent chocolate brownie but the blessed lady behind the counter actually warmed it up! Take THAT Starbucks! You hand me a cold lifeless bagel but this places makes sure I leave with a warm, gooey, Butterfingery treat the likes of which I’ll soon never forget!

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