Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Amazing AI Prediction

Don't act surprised. You all knew I was a loser who watched American Idol. I haven't blogged about it as much because....well...I'm a loser.

However, the big finale is coming up. The last two left on the island are Jordin and Blake.
I've already said it, Jordin will win.
Of the two, Blake is my favorite but this isn't about who I like, this is about who America likes and they love the mega-watt smile of Jordin.

Last night was pretty dull. I missed their first two songs but according to my friend Tammy who text messaged me throughout, they sang the same old crap.
I loved Blake's rendition of You Give Love a Bad Name but Tammy said it sucked this time.
I pulled in right as Blake was singing that uber gay Maroon 5 song that makes me want to jab myself in the eardrums with rusty eating utensils when it comes on the radio.
Not impressed.

Then Jordin sang that screechy Martina McBride song. Sure, maybe Martina has a great voice but all I hear when she sings is horrible HORRIBLE screaming. Maybe it's ME that's screaming...I'm not sure.
I was sad that Jordin felt the need to scream right along with her, though.

Then Blake and Jordin sang that special song, This Is My Now. Are you freakin kidding me? This song won a contest out of all the songs in the world?
Tammy texted me during Blake's performance and said "I think I wrote this song in the 6th grade."

I'm absolutely convinced that they purposely pick the worst song in the WORLD for the American Idol finalists to sing. It must be like some kind of fraternity hazing. Instead of making someone do the chicken dance in their underwear, they make them sing these god-awful songs.

The show ended with a performance by Chris Daughtry who DESPITE American Idol, has become a big success.
I have his album on my iPod and it's really good.
I don't know how well he sang last night, though. I wasn't really listening.

I dig boys in eyeliner.

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