Friday, January 12, 2007

While I'm Jumping On the Bandwagon...

I might head on over to L.A. and jump on Becks!

This has been reported like the second coming. David Beckham is coming to the States!
The Los Angeles Galaxy has signed him to a $250 million deal. Yes...that wasn't a typo...Two hundred and fifty MILLION dollars!

Not since Troy Aikman have I been completely in lust with another athlete.
Please...tell me this isn't the hottest man on the planet:

And now he's going to be here.
I do appreciate what this might do for the sport of Soccer here in the States. It's amazing how many people in other countries commit suicide over the outcome of soccer games yet people in America couldn't give two shits.

I don't know about you but suddenly, I feel like soccer is the greatest sport on Earth!

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