Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Special Idolympics

Of course I watched it last night.
Who didn't?

It was mostly deja-vu for me but the judges, including Percoset Paula seemed meaner.
They didn't even seem enthusiastic about the good singers.

You had your usual mentally challenged people who somehow thought they were the next best thing.
You had your people who obviously just wanted to be on TV.
Then you had your totally clueless people. These are the people who are told by their friends and worst of all by their family that they are talented.
Wouldn't you tell your son/daughter/sister/brother that they sucked before they went on national television and humiliated themselves?

Anyway, I'll be watching tonight when they'll be in Seattle.
Judging from the previews, it looks like the Special Olympic participants are trying out for American Idol.

In the meantime, let's practice for our tryout.
Repeat after me:
I'm sofa king we todd did.

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