Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Know Your Enemy

There is good news in the land. Rage Against the Machine is reportedly getting back together to play at Coachella. The fact that I live in Texas and this is happening in California is not good news but hopefully this will spark a little something between the guys and they will kiss and make up.

The rest is just bad news.
I heard on the radio today that due to some kind of formula, today is supposedly the unhappiest day of the year.
This is also the day that I had to take Piper in for her surgery.
I hated leaving her there.
The tech that took her from me must be the same one that Piper bit.
I warned her before I handed her over that she is very scared, she has a history of abuse and she might bite.
The tech looked over at someone else and said "Is this the one we did the ultrasound on?" The other person said it was.
Then the tech sighed and looked annoyed as she reached for Piper. I pulled away and said, "Should I not leave her?"
I wasn't worried about the tech. I was worried about Piper. I didn't like that bitch's attitude.
I left her anyway and cried all the way to Starbucks.

At Starbucks, I ordered my usual Caramel Machiatto. Since everyone but morons know that the coffee is scalding hot, I didn't even try to take a sip until I was over the causeway. That's when I noticed the coffee tasted weird.
I just shrugged and blamed it on too much whipped cream. I decided I would transfer it to another cup when I got to work and that's what I did.
That's also when I realized that my coffee was not coffee. It was a cup full of steamed milk and whipped cream.
There was no coffee in my $5 coffee!
I called and they took my name and promised me a free one next time.
This time I'll risk burning the shit out of my mouth to make sure I actually have coffee.

If anything, I can sue them for serving hot liquids to "unsuspecting" morons like me!

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