Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I picked Piper up from the vet last night. She seemed happy to see me because she wagged her tail when the doctor brought her into the room.
The doctor informed me that it became a rule in the clinic that no one was allowed to take Piper out of the kennel or out to potty but her.
Apparently, Piper didn't like anyone but the vet herself so now it's on her file.
It cracks me up that my 7lb dog has special handling instructions for the vet's office.

She is very sore and very scared. She didn't move around too much in the car and because she refused to eat at the clinic, she was starving and wolfed down some special prescription canned food when we got home.
After that, she limped into the bedroom and straight under the bed.
This is where Piper goes when she's scared. I imagine that the pain scares her so she retreats to her safe place.
The problem is that I can't get her out now.
She wouldn't come out from under the bed to go outside this morning but she DID use the bathroom on the potty pads I put all around the bed.
She snuck out from under the bed in the middle of the night and peed and pooped and ran right back under the bed. I don't mind. Having normal bodily functions is a good sign so she can pee and poop all she wants...on the pads hopefully!

This is the way Piper deals with issues so I just let her hide until she feels ready to come out.

The vet seems to think that once her incision heals, she'll be perfectly fine.
I'm very hopeful.

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