Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The End is Near

It got down to 30 degrees in Houston last night which caused the precipitation we've been having to turn to ice.
Suddenly, wide-spread panic ensued. People were running around hoarding water, batteries, canned food and blankets.
It didn't help that the local news media were breaking in every 5 minutes going, "Holy shit! It's 34 degrees and falling!" and they called it "Artic Blast 2007". Are you freaking kidding me?

Schools and colleges were closing, city governments shutting down and people like my coworkers, cooking 5 days worth of food so it didn't go bad if we lost electricity.
Yes, there was ice on the roads and overpasses this morning but that didn't stop the idiot Houston drivers from driving like maniacs.

Finally, Houston mayor Bill White had to come on TV and tell everyone to calm the hell down.
It's 30 frickin degrees...not 30 BELOW.

Those of us in Galveston never got below 35 and didn't see a speck of ice.
This is balmy spring weather for SOME people.

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