Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is an EXCELLENT idea!

Being dead is no longer an excuse for not staying in touch.

A Houston man has started an online service that allows a person to send e-mail posthumously.

The service, called Deathswitch, ensures that critical personal information will survive, even when a person dies unexpectedly, company founder David Eagleman said.

After Deathswitch subscribers pass on, the company sends e-mail to intended recipients — anything from computer passwords or a love note to "the last word in an argument," he said.

In my strange obsession with death and it's aftermath, I've often thought about the people left behind.
There are people with whom I only communicate online. They know few details about my family or my hometown.
I guess after not logging on for a few weeks, they'd assume I was dead or in some kind of coma but wouldn't it just drive them nuts not knowing what happened to me?
What if I was hit by a bus tomorrow? Wouldn't you -the reader- wonder about my long absence? I mean, I know I don't blog as often as I should but surely after a month or so, you'd start to get curious...wouldn't you?

Now, thanks to Deathswitch, I might be able to blog from the great unknown.
Not to say that's much different from where I blog from these days.

link shamelessly stolen from Laurence

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