Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Train Wreck

I'm going to celeb blog here for a moment.
I watched part of the Britney Spear's interview with Matt Lauer last night at Lon's house.

Up until the interview, I kind of felt sorry for Brit Brit. She's hounded by the paparrazi all the time, she's under a microscope, she was thrust into the spotlight at a young age and now she's married to the worlds biggest loser...
I felt sorry for her.
Then I saw the interview.

She is a solid mess. 100%.
It's not hormones, it's not the pressure. Her true Louisiana, pwt upbringing is shining through.
Besides the incredibly stupid things she said all night, her appearance was unbelievable.
It wouldn't be that bad if I thought she dressed herself but every famous person has a stylist. That stylist picks out their clothes, decides how their hair will be worn and oversees the application of the makeup.
Was her stylist sick that day? Did the stylist get hit by a bus and Britney was left to dress herself?
Would someone actually ALLOW her to wear a lowcut top with her boobs spilling out while she was 94373943 months pregnant? Would a person not say anything to her about the clownish makeup circa 1985 she was wearing? Why wouldn't someone BRUSH her piss yellow hair? For God sake, give the girl some shampoo and a freaking brush!
What were her people thinking? Not only should they ban her from talking EVER, they should also not allow her to dress herself before she leaves the house.

She is a complete and total mess.

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