Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm SO not proud of this...

I think I just turned into a really bad person. Have you just ever been in one of those moods?

There are 3 brothers that come in a lot. They're all three equally weird.
The middle brother is real chubby, like an 18 yr old baby.
He's 100% baby fat and he giggles at the computer like a retard.
They're pushy and annoying and really starting to get on my nerves. They've been in a LOT these last few weeks.

My coworker and I had the following conversation on IM:

Me: that fucking fat Middle kid just farted
Me: and he goes "scuse me"
Me: there is NO excuse for that

Co-worker: what the fuck is going on back there?
Me: those Smith kids are fucking retards….a whole family of fucking retards
Co-worker: is the youngest a retard too?
Me: which one is the youngest?
Co-worker: the skinny one I thought
Me: oh he seems slightly less retarded
Me: Middle kid seems like the type that would scream like a girl if you pinched him

Co-worker: ha ha... wanna find out?
Me: LOL! kinda
Co-worker: make it look like an accident
Me: I wanna punch him in his belly
Me: and make him cry to his mama

Co-worker: ok you can’t write shit like that if I can’t laugh really really loud!
Me: notice how I'm funnier on the internet?
Me: I'm always funnier via email or IM

Co-worker: I think you're fucking hilarious period!
Co-worker: go pinch his fat ass
Me: you said that right as Youngest walked up
Me: I was cracking up in his face!

Co-worker: are their parents here?
Me: no
Co-worker: ok good I might feel kinda bad if they were
Me: hell no
Me: they created these little downies

Co-worker: wow that was mean!
Co-worker: but so funny!

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