Friday, June 30, 2006

A Legacy Unmatched

Yesterday, friends and family of Rob Smith aka Acidman, celebrated his life in true Acidman fashion: they partied in his honor.

There were many, many of us who could not attend so comments on his site were opened for tributes.
Chablis had the great idea of starting an IRC channel for people to come in and celebrate Rob and share stories.
It turned into an absolute laugh riot. The things that were talked about in that room would make a hooker blush.
I learned terms for female body parts that I never knew existed and I can't stop hearing in my head. I think Rob would have loved it!

At around midnight or 1 am, we were amazed that so many of us were still there and shocked at how we all felt like we had known each other for a really long time.
I didn't really know anyone there before or even read their blogs. The only person I actually knew was Jim @ Smoke on the Water.
The reason I met Jim was because of Rob's blog.
Now, I know all these other people and have made these connections, again, because of Gut Rumbles.
So, Rob is gone, but his legacy lives on. We have formed friendships because of what he gave to us...his friendship.

So, the Unusual Suspects are going on my blogroll. They helped turn a really sad occasion into a true celebration!

And if Chablis truly posts the unedited log of that chat, then I was NEVER there!

Chablis, whose great idea started this E-Blogmeet.

Evilicious Blonde, whose site may be too hot for work but she's TOO hot for words!

OG, the dirty "old" man AND the Neanderpundit.

Lisa, who has got to be one of the nicest girls in the blogosphere!

Libby, THE Libby!

This guy, whose name I didn't catch but who was a ton of fun!

Adam, the original horndog and my little pedo-crush!

St. Paul, the man who has been holding Gut Rumbles up and will be taking over to keep the site up and running in Rob's memory. Also, he's my totally legal e-crush.

If I left anyone out, let me know. I'm operating on very little sleep this morning but it was SO worth it!

So, here's to Rob...where ever you are. Thanks for your words that kept us coming back and for the legacy of blogging and friendship that you leave behind.

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