Sunday, June 11, 2006

Eh, Not So Bad

Well, for a "birthday weekend" it wasn't so horrible. I stayed busy Saturday, trying to get things done in time to get home to watch the Astros play.
Sunday was an all sports day. There was so much good sports going on; the French Open, Astros, Clemens playing with the Astros' minor league team and most of all...World Cup Soccer! How exciting is this?
How is it that such a monumental sporting event can occur and we Americans just don't give a shit?
There are countries that riot in the streets and commit suicide over soccer/football games and in the US, we wouldn't know David Beckham if he came over and screwed our mothers. It's a shame really because not only is Beckham hotter than hell, soccer is a great sport.
What makes it exciting for me, though, is to watch the passion of the fans. Their teams are their lives and they will fight to the death for their beloved players.
What do we, as American's die and fight for? Definitely not soccer. Freedom?

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