Friday, September 24, 2010

Local Celebrity

That's me. I hit the big time when I wrote a guest column for the local paper. It even featured my picture which is totally scary!

It was a work related article about the work I'm doing with kids and journaling.
More like an advertisement for the program than anything.
But it was kind of neat having my name in the byline.

That morning, at work, I get a call from a man who had read my article and wanted to know more about the program. When we determined that he was too old, I explained that I would love to get a program together for adults but it's difficult to get them to attend evening programs.
He was a nice guy, though. He started telling me about how he has so much to write about; so many memories.
For example, one time in high school, he and some friends went out to the beach and built a bonfire out of patio furniture that belonged to a friend's parents and also he and his friends filled up a trash can with jungle juice and got drunk.

This all sounded so familiar and suddenly it hit me: I was one of those drunk friends. I screamed the callers name into the phone. He was a good friend from high school and he just punked me.

Suddenly, I realized the pitfalls of being famous: I have way too many skeletons in my closet!


Libby Spencer said...

First byline. Very cool. Congrats.

DeAnna said...

LOL I'm a big shot now! ;)

colin said...

I just read your 100 Things. Sorry to hear about the tattoos.

DeAnna said...

Thanks, Colin. I was a good person up until then.

colin said...

I have no doubt you are a good person now.