Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Short Attention Span Blogging

  • I'm in mourning. Baseball season ended for me on Sunday. These last few days I've felt sort of empty and lost. I didn't realize how much I've been involved in baseball this year. It's going to be a long 5 months.

  • I am thankful to a complete stranger on Facebook. I went to the game on Saturday and it was a perfect night (except for the fact that the Astros lost). The roof was open, the weather was glorious...just a wonderful night for baseball. I woke up Sunday morning regretting the fact that I didn't get tickets for Sunday's game - the last game of the season. I was moping around the house for a while, then got on Facebook and saw a post from an Astros fan who had tickets she wasn't using. After trading emails, she sent the tickets to me and I had 20 minutes to make it to the game. I barely had any make up on and my hair was still wet in the back but I made it to the game and enjoyed amazing seats and perfect weather...oh and an Astros win!

  • I'm angry about this story: Firefighters watched as a man's home burned down with his pets inside because the man forgot to pay his municipal fees. How is this even ok? What kind of heartless people allowed this to happen?

  • Still loving my Kindle. I have read so many books since getting it. I don't know what it is but I read faster on the device. I have tons of book reviews to get to. I'll get to those soon.

  • I'm going on a road trip with two of my sisters. When I suggested we bring a small cooler for some water and snacks, Sister 3 said she was bringing a bottle of wine because we'll be staying in a dry county. I said in that case, we'd need a bigger cooler. Sister 2 asked if it was too late to back out.

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