Monday, September 13, 2010

More Thoughts on Mockingjay

I've read a lot of other review blogs regarding Mockingjay and the "event" that took place at the end.
They were angry at the author for letting this happen.
I can understand their anger. I was shocked and extremely disappointed but after giving it some thought, I realized that Suzanne Collins HAD to do this. What happened at the end of the trilogy was poetic. It was horrible, but it was poetic.
Out of everything that was lost, at least Katniss had salvaged something...or so she thought. She couldn't get out of it so easy.
And boring would it be if there was a big ol' happy ending? We suffered through so much on this 3-book emotional journey, a neat happy ending would really be cheating.
I don't want to give too much away but Katniss ended up with the right person at the end. One boy grew to be mercenary and dispassionate and the other never lost his humanity and that was one thing Katniss clung to; her humanity.

The author knew what she was doing...she wasn't just piecing some crap together by the end of the series like some OTHER authors I choose not to mention. She had a plan and she stuck to it.
Good for her.

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