Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One of THOSE people!

Am I becoming one of "Those People"?
I found myself writing in my journal at Starbucks on Sunday.
I wasn't trying to show off, "Hey, I'm all sensitive and arty! Look at me!!" but I get very distracted at home with dishes in the sink, dogs that need bathing, carpet that needs vacuuming, twitter that needs to be checked...etc.
So, I felt like I could plug in my iPod, sit in a comfortable chair and write without worrying about doing other things.
It was pretty good but I noticed a few people walking close by, as if trying to get a peek at what I was writing. I didn't hate on them too much; I've done that before.
But it worked out for me so I'm not too ashamed to be one of Those People.

Also, I'm becoming a Vegetarian.
My reasons might seem silly and I'm sure all the carnivores in the world will have a million answers to my reasons.
Some have actually said that I can't change anything. They're probably right.

In the past, I never understood vegetarians. How could you give up meat? Steak is so amazing and chicken is just the best. Oh and don't get me started on bacon. Sweet fucking Jebus...bacon.
How I sort of miss bacon!
But see...I just sort of miss it. I only think about bacon and beef as habit; "Bacon would be really good on that. Oh wait....".
It's been easier than I ever thought it would be.
Last night, I made a vegetable spaghetti with whole wheat pasta, zucchini, yellow squash, spinach and mushrooms with a delicious spaghetti sauce.
No meat...and I didn't miss it.

Almost every restaurant I've been to in the last few weeks has had vegetarian options. I wonder what I would do in a fast food situation but since going meatless, I've avoided fast food which can only be a good thing.
I'm not sure I can ever call myself a vegetarian because I'm still going to eat seafood. Christ on a cracker! I live on the gulf freaking coast! I have to eat seafood!
I'm still new at this and I don't know all the labels, so what am I? Who am I going to be?
Oh right, one of THOSE PEOPLE!


DeAnna said...

Does this mean I don't stand a chance with you now??

colin said...

Off course there is a chance although I am a little concerned, you are what 25 yo and I am TWICE YOUR AGE which in itself ain't-no-thang but what with the no meat, the rat dogs, you posing at Starbucks, liking Pavarotti an' all what are we gunna talk about after sex?

DeAnna said...

Who says we have to talk??