Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey Look At Me...I'm Sick!

I don't mean to turn this into a sick person's blog but hey, it's what's going on.

I had an Endoscopy on Friday. I was a little nervous about having a toilet snake with a camera on the end being shoved down my throat.
I was surprised how quickly it was over. I was wheeled into the procedure room in a hospital bed when one nurse told me she was hooking me up to a heart monitor and another one told me she was putting some medicine in my IV to make me drowsy.
Then the other nurse said she was spraying something in my mouth to numb my throat and for me to swallow. I did and I wanted to tell her that it tasted bad but I closed my eyes for a moment instead.
I opened them again and I was in another room, staring at the back of a different nurses head.
"I'm in another room." I said, obviously.
"Yes, you're in recovery."
"That's weird", I said.
And it was over. I was groggy most of the day and for the first hour I had a little short term memory loss but I had no soreness or hoarseness after. It was pretty awesome.

I do have some issues that were revealed by the endoscopy but nothing life threatening and I'm sure I will be fine in no time.

I've never been to a specialist in my life, yet in the last month, I've been to two and had my first "procedure".
Does this mean I'm getting old? If so, that SUCKS!

The worst part of the whole thing? I had to get up at 5am! That was horrible.

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